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MOT for 2017

Yet another yeah has passed. Only around 350 miles covered though in 2016! A day spend pre-MOT going around the Urraco revealed no major issues and it passed it's annual MOT inspection for another year   

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Urraco displayed at Lamborghini dealer

HR Owen Lamborhini Manchester asked if they could borrow the Urraco for an open day event to display in their show room. Of course I said! They also did an amazing job of detailing it for me :) Thanks guys, especially Kevin and   

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Another year another MOT passed for the Urraco

Another year another MOT passed for the Urraco without issue. Just adjusted up the handbrake pads before hand as prep, but the car has only covered just over 500 miles since its last MOT. Major service due   

£99,950 for a Lamborghini Urraco P250

Recognised as one of the best RHD Urracos out there and a nice original car. This was for sale at Tom Hartleys for nearly £100,000   

Lamborghini Urraco P250 Pertronix 9MR-184 ignitor ii upgrade

I've been experiencing an occasional misfire when the car has been running. It an ignition problem as often the rev counter will drop to zero when it happens. The system installed was Superformances Super 4 amplifier system which uses the original points to trigger a CDU system. They no longer make and so I think something in my system was   

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Lamborghini P250 Urraco - door check strap repair

The ageing door check strap snapped on my Urraco. It turns out to have been poorly repaired previously, but a little research revealed that the strap are rollers are the same used on an Alfa Romeo GT/GTV > 1972 and is available from the nice people at Classic Alfa here for around £20 ($30). You need to remove the interior trim panel   

Another yellow Lamborghini Urraco for sale 109,000 EURO

Wanna be like me ? Here is a yellow P250 spotted for sale in August   

Lamborghini Urraco P250 engine start

So to start the Urraco after it's been stood a few days with it's 4 x twin Weber carburettors you need to pressure up the electric fuel pump which fills the carbs, then prime the carbs with 5-10 pumps on the throttle and go for ignition :) It fires up first time but like a Spitfire splutters and dies a few times before you get most of the 8   

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