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MOT for 2017

Yet another yeah has passed. Only around 350 miles covered though in 2016! A day spend pre-MOT going around the Urraco revealed no major issues and it passed it's annual MOT inspection for another year   

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Urraco displayed at Lamborghini dealer

HR Owen Lamborhini Manchester asked if they could borrow the Urraco for an open day event to display in their show room. Of course I said! They also did an amazing job of detailing it for me :) Thanks guys, especially Kevin and   

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Clean those Campagnolo Lamborghini wheels

Time to have a look in the wheel wells and clean up the wheels. The rims have been stripped and powder coated in recent years so look very nice, but still needed a good clean on the inside to keep them that way. Not many of these wheels on the   

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