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Shake down test run !

Yesterday I drove the car out of the garage for the first time in 3 months! for a shake down test.

A few things came up.

1) the hand brake pulls up too high, but the levers on the callipers are already adjusted too much I think. So I think I need to remove the cover from underneath, loose off the cable to let the levers out at the callipers , then adjust the pads so that the brakes lock on with only 4 or so clicks of the handbrake.

2) The hydraulics are a bit soft unless I pump the brake pedal twice. Given that I pulled all the callipers off there may be some air still in the system... so I'll re-bleed... again...

3) Still get a knock/pop on full lock when pulling off my drive way. I thought it would be the top mounts, but now they are new, the lower ball joints are nice and tight and I fitted new track rod ends (VW bus 1969-79) so it might be the steering rack somewhere which I didn't really touch.

Also might as well check the steering dampers and replace with the Merc 280 SL ones

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