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More Urraco rust protection with Waxoyl

Time to get some protection on the underside. The car is mostly well protected and probably hasn't been out in the rain for a very long time, but I still can't live with bits of surface rust like this. The rust you see is very superficial so after some wire brushing plenty of Waxoyl goes on and in the little nooks etc. particularly around the fuel tanks.

In my 25 year experience, wax makes cars live for ever and pretty much stops rust. I once restored a 70's Saab 96 and where ever the car has been waxed it was like new with original paint, and where not it was rusty.

Enjoy. More photos coming  Now just two weeks into ownership and I like everything I find on the Urraco - a really well though out design - shame it didn't sell in larger numbers as planned.

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