Lamborghini P250 Urraco blog by Lee Griffiths

Making progress on the Lamborghini Urraco

So here are some updates:

1) This is why I appear to make good progress - when others are watching TV I am in the garage with 4 layers of clothing on getting on with the job

2) and 3) a jig shaft to align the original and Volvo strut mounts for marking out and reshaping and drilling the mounting holes

4) had so make a piece to repair a big chunk missing from the heater scoop - not sure how that was broken off, but it would explain why the fresh are intake wasn't so good in summer! Original is made from ABS and the new white piece cut to fit the broken section is glued in with ABS solvent cement (used by plumbers)

5) I found one Urraco/Countach wheel on ebay only 40 miles away - I won it and know I have it  It's not so pretty and will need properly cleaning, sealing and painting but I wanted an extra spare...

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