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Lamborghini Urraco radiator fan wiring

Next job was to start looking at the wiring. It bugs me when PO's (over the last nearly 40 years!) botch things and change from stock wiring so started to go through the fuse box connections and found a whole load of discrepancies with the official diagram and the connections in my car. Mainly to do with fuses 2,3,4.

The fuse box and wires nearby had all be coated with black underseal, so this had to come off to reveal the true colours Now I have the stock auto + manual fan setup and the wiring is neater.

The manual said that the switch on the dash board should control one of the cooling fans whilst the other one was automatic from the temp switch on the radiator.

When I looked into it both fans had been wired from the temp switch and so I removed all the extra wiring, located the original wires and returned it all back to stock.

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