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Lamborghini Urraco P250 rear suspension rebuild.

Now that the weather has set in (and the MOT has expired) I decided it was time to go through the suspension at each corner. There are a few clunks at the front end so the MOT tester would likely spot issues.

I've pulled one rear side off and will go through cleaning and painting the various suspension parts. It's in good condition, just doesn't look so pretty and I like things to look nice and clean.  It's very simple technology and really just like most "other" 70's Fiats in terms of how it's put together.

The only suspension issues seem to be the top mounts (of course) which is my first task. It'll be nice to de-rust and paint this lot over the next couple of months back to the factory colours.

The rear shocks are fine so were cleaned and painted along with the springs. The brakes needed a rebuild due to minor corrosion. They are the same castings and pistons as used on BMW 2002 (70's car) so a rebuild kit for the calipers costs around £20.

The hub carrier casting was cleaned up and the lower kingpin cleaned and regreased - all was found to be in great condition.

All back together

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