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Lamborghini Urraco front valance repair - part 1

I knew the front end of my car had covered up rust issues - the rest of the car is really good. So I decided to get stuck in.

The lower valance had been paneled over with that looks like the remains of some other car  and that whole area was full of repair patches done badly.

So after many grinding discs I've got back to solid metal throughout.

I had to remove the radiator and wiring loom and of course bumper and lights.

I think the pictures make it look worse than it actually is. OK there's going to be a fair amount of new metal going in - but the car will be totally rust free up front once I've finished. I think most Urracos will have issues around here as the lower centre valance piece if a double skin so a bad moisture trap.

Here is an example of how not to repair metal work!! and yet it would take as long as doing it properly...

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