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Lamborghini Urraco front suspension rebuild - new top mounts

So now to rebuild the front suspension.

Cleaned and painted bits going back on. Everything is in re-usable condition.

Made new suspension top mounts from Volvo 240 items as per Tony's website. It's a cheap solution. Not a rose joint, but they are new and £20 each so it's a good compromise. The shock doesn't pivot very much at all at the top from top to bottom travel (and of course the Volvo suspension is very similar anyway).

Ok, it's not a rose joint, but I think for my usage (shows) it will be fine. We'll test for the first time next week. They need an adapter bush machining as the hole in the Volvo mount is larger (diameter) and clearly sunken in a well.

Because I can't use the original large hex washer (which allows you to lock the spindle as you tighten the nut) I had to use two thinner nuts to luck the top mount on. Bottom nut is original machined down and the top one is actually a VW wheel nut machined down, advantage is being smaller you can more easily use two spanners to tighten it.

Last picture is the whole front axle assembly installed now and bleeding the freshly rebuiltcalliper.

Just the drivers side left...



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