Lamborghini P250 Urraco blog by Lee Griffiths

Lamborghini Urraco brought back to life for 2014!

It's alive! Now the fun stuff.

Finished painting the boot floor with Por-15 then a coat of satin black to match the original and start cleaning everything up - lots of dust.

Spot blasted the earth fixing points for the various applications at the front and fastened them with stainless bolts. Went through all the lamp and motor wiring cleaning dirt/underseal/overspray off (carefully using paint stripper) and replacing hardened PVC sleeving as needed. Re-wrapped some of the cable sleeving joints and fed the looms back through new grommets into the headlamp wells.

Slide the radiator back in through the front and hook it up and add the coolant back in - no leaks yet

Finally started it up after 3 months! Good to hear the engine running and everything appears fine after it's brief hibernation.

Next is building up the front suspension and brakes. I reckon only another week or two and we'll be mobile ready for the UK MOT test.

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