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Lamborghini Urraco brakes and handbrake adjustment

So my plan for the hand brake worked. When I looked behind the cover underneath, the handbrake adjustment was too tight - probably to try and make the brake work better, but it takes brains not tightness  With the lever loosened, the calliper levers moved further back and then I adjusted the adjustment screws on the pads and now it is nice and solid on 4 or 5 clicks of the lever.

I've bled the brakes again and a few more tiny bubbles have come out of the front probably now it has all settled. I think this calliper design with three bleed screws is probably not so great to bleed. Modern 4 piston Brembos bleed just fine. The peddle feels pretty consistent now.

I still didn't find any source for a knock (which only happens on full left lock and when the car is at a certain angle) and the steering rack is firm, with the plastic bush just fine and the dampers good.

So now the car is finally prepared for it's UK MOT roadworthy test. Maybe the MOT inspectors will find something they are not happy with - we will see on Thursday...

I guess on Friday I will either be driving the car or fixing the car once more...

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