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Lamborghini P250 Urraco oil and filter change 001505914 UFI 23.110.02

After a nice run on a sunny October day I figured it would be a good time for an oil and filter change. It's been a few years since the last change but I've only clocked up a few hundred miles each year anyway.

It's a straighforward activity. Once the engine is nice and warm remove the drain plug - looks to be a standard 70's Fiat magnetic type you get in the gearboxes. Out comes the oil.

The filter is quite big. I used a chain type tool to remove it. Unscrewing it was easy but there isn't a lot of space to get it out through the water pipes.

Lamborghini Urraco oil filter change UFI 23.110.02

New filter in. I used a UFI 23.110.02 which cross references to Lamborghini part # 001505914 and pretty much fits everything they made

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