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Lamborghini P250 Urraco - door check strap repair

The ageing door check strap snapped on my Urraco. It turns out to have been poorly repaired previously, but a little research revealed that the strap are rollers are the same used on an Alfa Romeo GT/GTV > 1972 and is available from the nice people at Classic Alfa here for around £20 ($30).

You need to remove the interior trim panel first and then with the door wide open you can remove the 2 x M6 nuts that hold the strap in the door body. If your strap is still intact then you need to drift out the pin holding it to the A pillar.

I bought new rollers too and removed my old pins from the assembly and fitted the new strap and rollers as you can see:

All back in and it works great and solves this common problem. Good for another 40 years!

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