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Fuel pipe hose replacement Lamborghini Urraco

Always a high priority job on a new car for me is to replace the fuel hoses. Even though the ones on the car were quite new I found evidence of cracking in the outer skin so time to replace them with Sytec cotton braided 7.5mm 10bar hose and new Norma style 12/13mm hose clips.



View of the rear cam cover and rear row of Webers showing the  7.5mm fuel hose between them.
Straight forward job once you remove the air boxes which involves removing the 8 velocity stacks in the air boxes - remember to count all the nuts you remove - don't want to lose one down a carb!

Two intercarb lengths, two T-piece to carb lengths and one filter to T-piece needed, approximately 2m of hose required.

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