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Lamborghini Urraco P250 engine start

So to start the Urraco after it's been stood a few days with it's 4 x twin Weber carburettors you need to pressure up the electric fuel pump which fills the carbs, then prime the carbs with 5-10 pumps on the throttle and go for ignition :) It fires up first time but like a Spitfire splutters and dies a few times before you get most of the 8   

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Useful vintage Lamborghini parts website

Found this useful vintage Lamborghini parts website called Autoricambi via the Lamborghini Club   

Urraco occasional misfire

I'm getting an occasional misfire in the form of a complete bank of four cylinders die. This would suggest it's an ignition problem. Super4 ignition modules in a Lamborghin Urraco The car is fitted with two Super4 electronic ignition modules so either there is an issue with a module or it's associated coil or some other issue such as wiring. The   

Lamborghini is relaunching official restoration center Muira, Urraco, Countach

"Automobili Lamborghini is relaunching its restoration center under the name of Lamborghini Polo Storico. The new department includes the brand’s historical archives, the vehicle restoration center, vehicle certification, and guarantees the availability of numerous genuine spare parts for all historical Lamborghini models. With its new Polo   

Urraco clutch fluid flush

The brakes see more regular attention than the clutch hydraulics so it was time for a fluid flush of this system as the reservoir fluid looked pretty black. I syphoned out the existing fluid from the reservoir leaving just enough to cover the clutch master cylinder then wiped out out the plastic pot and refilled it bleeding through to the slave   

Urraco MOT again 2015

It's that time of year again and so atfer my home pre-MOT inspection and a brake fluid flush (good to do it each year) the car was off to the MOT inspectors... and I was glad to see that it passed with no issues, of course I was not entirly surprised :) so all ready for summer   

Lamborghini Urraco A/C air conditioning parts - super rare!

I managed to get hold of the rarest part known to mankind. A Lamborghini Urraco P250 air conditioning unit with condenser and dyer. This is a very rare piece and I doubt another will ever come up for sale. It completes my car which was missing the unit as it had been removed many years ago. It's actually in pretty good condition for a 40 year old   

Chin chin, Urraco chin

Here's a view of the finished front metal work. It's not a view you see often of the Urraco and I love the detail in the coachwork - the curves are as interesting underneath as they are on top. Not many cars are like   

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