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Lamborghini Urraco A/C air conditioning parts - super rare!

I managed to get hold of the rarest part known to mankind. A Lamborghini Urraco P250 air conditioning unit with condenser and dyer. This is a very rare piece and I doubt another will ever come up for sale. It completes my car which was missing the unit as it had been removed many years ago. It's actually in pretty good condition for a 40 year old   

Chin chin, Urraco chin

Here's a view of the finished front metal work. It's not a view you see often of the Urraco and I love the detail in the coachwork - the curves are as interesting underneath as they are on top. Not many cars are like   

Petrolicious Lamborghini Urraco video - Gene Ondrusek

In this Petrolicious Urraco Gene Ondrusek talks about his 1975 Lamborghini Urraco. Great video, I think he's an older version of me :) I especially like the garage shot with the lathe equipment in the background - every Urraco owner should (needs to) have   

Old photos of XGC emerge on instagram :)

Old photos of XGC 825M emerge on instagram from one of it's former owners Steve Sargent It's shown in it's factory original colour scheme of red. Of course we now know it as the yellow car (actually Ferrari   

Video of Urraco drive off at the March 2014 GT Cafe meeting

Browsing through YouTube and find a nice little video of my car: "I have filmed this V8 powered 1970's Lamborghini Urraco S. This car is a fine example and it was a delight to see it at March's GT Café Meet, it also makes a rather delicious classic V8 Sound." I would have to agree with him   

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