Lamborghini P250 Urraco blog by Lee Griffiths

Lamborghini visiting its younger brothers :) at HR Owen Lamborghini Manchester

So today we visited some younger cars at HR Owen Lamborghini Manchester . The Tech guys there are great and they loved having a good look around my Urraco :) We are discussing doing the timing belt and tensioners at the   

MOT pass for my Lamborghini Urraco!!

Today is a good day and I'm sure you will all share my joy as my Urraco passed it's inspection with the tester praising my rebuild work. It was nice to go for a little drive afterwards. Now I'll take a little break from working on the little Lambo and give my other cars some attention   

Lamborghini Urraco brakes and handbrake adjustment

So my plan for the hand brake worked. When I looked behind the cover underneath, the handbrake adjustment was too tight - probably to try and make the brake work better, but it takes brains not tightness  With the lever loosened, the calliper levers moved further back and then I adjusted the adjustment screws on the pads and now it is nice   

Shake down test run !

Yesterday I drove the car out of the garage for the first time in 3 months! for a shake down test. A few things came up. 1) the hand brake pulls up too high, but the levers on the callipers are already adjusted too much I think. So I think I need to remove the cover from underneath, loose off the cable to let the levers out at the callipers , then   

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