Lamborghini P250 Urraco blog by Lee Griffiths

Lamborghini UK gathering for 50th at the Silverstone classic with Valentino Balboni

Had a great time with the car sunbathing amongst the largest UK gathering of Lamborghini's - ever ?! celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini cars Valentino Balboni, former chief test driver of Lamborghini also attended and was available for a chat! More details on the classic here:   

Urraco steering rod ends the same as VW T2 transporter and Agip oil

Final prep for the weekend and trip down to Silverstone race circuit for a Lamborghini UK owners club parade and found that one of the steering tie rods was worn out and probably the source of a clank at slow speeds on lock. Turns out the tie rod end is the same as 70's VW T2 bay window and I had one in stock from my other life  and they are   

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