Lamborghini P250 Urraco blog by Lee Griffiths

Lamborghini Urraco rear floor rust proofing

Decided to tackle the ugly (but solid) rear floor area. As you may know it has the at factory sound deadening material and then insulation on it. The original tar material has lifted around its edges so it needed to come off. It's hard and brittle so chipped off quite easily. The floor is solid with a little surface rust from moisture where   

OEM style door mirrors for the Lamborghini Urraco

  The car only had one door mirror when I bought it and I really needed one on both sides for maneuvering in my garage and generally visibility given the large louver system engine cover at the rear and reduced rear view field. I found these mirrors on ebay from a seller in Taiwan and have to say that   

Rust proofing the Lamborghini Urraco P250S bumpers

Pulled the front chrome bumpers off to take a look around. The bumpers had been re-chromed in recent years and looked good, but had not been protected behind and were on "the turn" so I gave the whole rear of the bumper pieces a serious coating of Waxoyl then put it all back together.   I also cleaned out the front valance areas under the   

Urraco door panel repair

Pulled a door card to take a look and found a messy but functional repair on the center section. It's taken beating from the door pull handle over nearly 40 years. I've found these panels tend to be made from ABS and so I removed the metal repair, neatened up the hole and cut a piece to fit. Then use plumbers solvent to glue it in properly and   

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